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A Maze Ing Kids

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This maze game is made for kids (around 2 - 6 years old), that challenges them to find their way to the finish point. This game keeps your kids concentrate, forcing their brain to think, remembering, problem solving, figuring out the way to the finish point. We made the mazes "not to hard" for them, some are quite easy, letting them to easily feel successful after a "hard work" on finding the finish point. Helps your kids to gain knowledge on how to find, analyze, and remembering directions and paths, learning "how to get there". Learning it by playing. 

The screen where your kids will control on the gameplay only gives them a part of view of the whole maze (look at the screenshots below), this gives their brain a challenge on remembering the path that they need to figure out with the only help of a maze map that only tells where the starting and the finish point is, but the position they are at and the directions they need to go is their job on remembering it and figuring it out. 

This game has nothing to rush on, they can take their time, there is no time limit in the game, no distractions. It's about finding the way to the finish point. 

Game Features: 
- 16 super small size mazes 
- 4 medium small size mazes 
- Those mazes are divided in 4 Stages (groups) 
- More mazes & stages added on updates 
- Bright colors & the right amount of contrast 

- Retina Display support  

The maze game for kids, It is our best educational apps for kids and baby games.

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