Chicken Fly 3 One Of Our iPhone Addicting Games

Chicken Fly 3

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This flying chicken is back again on his third adventure! He's back for more apples! 

Help the chicken on his toughest adventure from all the chicken fly series, flying trough the jungle to find some apples! This chicken loves apples, he will do anything to get some, even if he needs to fly. Chicken Fly 3 is an iPhone exclusive game, top rank, top download, it is one of our most addicting games.

About The Game : 
In this game you will be helping the chicken to fly and getting the apples. Easy right? ..well chickens aren't meant to fly, so you'll be having some challenge here. One tap on the screen will make the chicken do one wing flap, so to make him fly, you need to do more taps, to make him fly higher, your tappings needs to be faster, if there are no taps on the screen then he will go down, be careful don't make him fall! So control your tappings to control how the chicken flies. Your finger needs to have a great stamina, because it will be doing a little bit of an exercise! Avoid the sharp plants, use environments to make him bounce, jump, slide, and many more. 

Fun gameplay with exciting 50 levels. Using the skill and stamina of your finger and your smart brain, this game is totally fun, very addicting and entertaining. With superb cartoon artworks & maximum resolution graphics, that looks amazing on the Retina Display. Addicting game & fun to play!

Features : 
- 50 super fun levels 
- up to 4 chicken characters to choose 
- Superb cartoon artworks
- iPhone 5 screen size support
- Retina Display support 
- Cute chicken sound effects 
- Millions of fun tapping
- No In-app purchase required
- No Internet connection required
- Very addicting game

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